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A 3-Part Parent-Focused Approach to Autism

Part I: Resetting, reducing demands, and connecting. This part is essential to connecting with your child on a deeper level. Does reducing demands also reduce meltdowns? Does taking time to connect increase engagement and regulation? 

Part II: Begin learning more about your child's strengths, preferences, gifts, talents, and learning style. You will compile a learning profile for your child that highlights his strengths and uniqueness. Priceless information we will use to create a personalized plan.

Part III: With the learning profile in hand, begin adding our practical and fun techniques to your everyday routines, one routine at a time; and personalized for your child. You'll be surprised how easy this is! 

In addition, you'll join a community of parents, gain access to priceless resources, and learn so much about your child. 

Playing with Wooden Spoons