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Aspire's Founder

Amanda is a mother of 3 and speech pathologist. After 15 years of working in the field and owning her own speech therapy clinic, she felt led to follow her passion for helping parents navigate the diagnosis of autism. What she's discovered over and over again is that parents need more support and more real-world tools. As a mom herself, she related to the busyness, pressure, and stress that can make it difficult to fully participate in anything extra; and thus created the Aspire for Autism model to help make therapy simple, effective and convenient for parents. Her team is able to provide the individualized support parents are craving in order to truly tap into their child's gifts and make the necessary connections for social-emotional and communicative growth.

Amanda's training and experience includes DIR Floortime, Learn Play Thrive, Hanen Programs, Lindamood-Bell Learning Programs and other play-based approaches.