Aspire for Autism was created for all the children and families I've encountered over the last 15 years. Autism has colored many of their stories, but other disabilities, diagnoses, gifts, skills, and personalities have also painted my experience in the field of speech therapy. All the research articles, classes, and books combined don't measure up to the blessings I've received throughout my years of therapy working up close with the kids and their parents. The children and families I've met have taught me an unmeasurable amount of grace, patience, joy, creativity, flexibility, and most of all love. 

Let's aspire to join forces in support of all things that bring joy, peace and ease to families navigating difficult diagnoses and learning differences. Professionals, let's have willingness to pause and listen, learn, and join in their struggle, their heart ache, their exhaustion as well as their celebration when hope returns. Families, let's learn confidence in sharing openly, what you've learned along the way; giving hope to another family out there and allowing us professionals a glimpse of your lives. 

We can only be so lucky to truly know a child's heart, even if just for a moment. But to gift a parent with that for a lifetime, would be my ultimate aspiration.

-Amanda Harpst, Speech Therapist and Mommy

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We offer support in your endeavors raising kids with special needs. Advice, tips, referrals, recommendations, or just a listening ear. Reach out!

Our Mission

Aspire for Autism wants to bring together families, educators, and therapists to support your child's progress as naturally and playfully as possible. We aim to help build relationships that are not only functional, but meaningful; to experience the world with peace and joy.

Amanda Harpst

M.S. /  SLP / Mom

JoAnna Schultz

B.A. / SLPA / Mom 

I have been in the field of speech therapy since 2003, specializing in autism spectrum disorders, early intervention, reading disorders, and DIR-Floortime a developmental and play based approach. I am passionate about supporting parents in finding good services and connecting emotionally with their children.

I have worked with special kids since 2008 as a behaviorist, then SLPA, tutor, coach, and music teacher. I love supporting parents in understanding their child's learning style, gifts, and emotional needs. I bring music, art, and play into my sessions; always building on the child's natural joy. 

We love welcoming your input and ideas. If you're feeling like sharing your thoughts in a guest blog for Aspire, please submit your writings to us by email. We will read it over and include on our site if we feel it is helpful to the community. Thanks in advance for sharing!

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