Autism Mom... my top five resources

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

For the past seven years, I have received wonderful advice on Autism from moms, therapists, bloggers, teachers and friends… so now, it is my time to give back. Here are some of my favorite resources that I have gathered along the way. I do hope this information helps some parents that may just be starting on their autism journey… or anyone that knows someone in the autism community.

1.      Blood Draw – Knowing this can be extremely difficult for some of our kids on the spectrum, I highly recommend Christopher, a Phlebotomist (949-939-6729) that comes to your home. Christopher is incredibly patient, calm and works with special needs children all over Orange County. We received his contact information from another special needs mom and have been using him for more than three years. He even came to a surgery center for us.

2.      Haircuts – after an extensive search, we found KIDA in Irvine that offers $20.00 haircuts once a month. We found the stylists to be kind, professional and very patient, and our experience has been wonderful.

3.      Local Support Groups – Autism Resource Mom is a wonderful group of parents who meet monthly to provide support, guidance and information. I highly recommend this group - Autism Resource Mom. I also recommend TACA as they pair moms/dads with a mentor. I personally did this and met an awesome mom whose son was a bit older than mine, and she provided supportive feedback and was a great resource.

4.      Local Activities – Karate for All, Spirit League, soccer, basketball and baseball and The Shea Center, therapeutic horse riding.

5.      Online Autism Support Groups/Blogs (Facebook) - Ausome Families of OC, ask melissa now, The AWEnesty of Autism, Hyperlexia + Autism Support and life with greyson + parker. 

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