Having a Baby at 40

Having a baby at 40 has been such a different experience. My other two arrived in my early 30's, and it seems that I had more energy back then. Things like sleep deprivation and recovery from child birth, just seemed a bit easier 10 years ago. It's amazing how our bodies change in that time span. But there are pros to having a baby later in life, especially when having experienced childbirth 10 years earlier.


1. The older siblings are much more independent and can be quite good helpers.

My daughter has been especially helpful. At almost 10 years of age, she loves holding her baby brother, helping feed him a bottle, and can get him dressed. She still refuses to change a diaper, but I'm hopeful that will come. My 8 year old son, also loves holding the baby, but tends to want to "play" with him mostly. But overall, having the older siblings around to help grab a diaper, hold the baby while I rush to the bathroom, or entertain him, has been such a relief.

2. The baby is always entertain by watching other kids going about their day.

There is something about kid energy that captures a baby's attention. The way his big sister bounces around, how loud and screechy his brother can get, the unpredictable rambunctiousness exploding around the house, all keep the baby well entertained. And when he's fussy, it sure is nice to have some helpful distractions.

3. When you're around 40, you have a much different perspective on life.

At 40, after lots of life experiences and especially parenting experiences, I feel a little better prepared emotionally for motherhood again. I am able to pause and be mindful, and soak up the cuteness. Looking at my older kids also helps a lot, to remind me of how quickly life passes by!

4. At 40, you have hopefully been in a career for a while.

This time around, I had been working for quite some time already in an established career. Although I wish I could say I also had a ton of money saved up, I've at least had some time to learn about money. For you others out there, I'm sure some of you are even better prepared financially then I was. But having worked for a while already, it was nice to be able to take a break from work to focus on Baby.

5. Older and wiser?

I'd like to think I'm wiser in general at 40. The last 10 years have been quite colorful, with lots of good and hard experiences to build my character. Hopefully this all means, this little one will have a more mature and wiser mommy, who can handle motherhood even better this time around!

I'd love to hear from other "older" mommies out there! Please? I know I'm not alone LOL!!


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