Have faith and it will all work out -Written by Syndi Sim

Have faith and it will all work out. I have heard this so many times from other moms, therapists, teachers and family members. However, when your child receives an autism diagnosis, and you begin the marathon of research; learning about different interventions and therapies, diets and supplements, you can easily become overwhelmed, discouraged and begin to loose all faith, the exact thing you were told to have.

Well, I am here to tell you, nine years into this journey, it will be ok, things will work out, and to definitely have faith. It was certainly not easy, nor simple. This journey takes hard work, perseverance and a lot of patience. Your #1 job now is to be an advocate for your child and start early, if you can. Below are some of my resources for new parents. I am also here to tell you that our children on the autism spectrum are absolutely amazing, with a tremendous amount of potential. So do not give up hope. Although many times, I felt I couldn’t do it anymore and cried myself to sleep, there was always another mom who was there for support. We are tremendous warriors, so lean in, and ask for help. You are not alone. As special needs parents with a common bond, we are truly all in this together.

Various Autism Therapy Options:

Special Diet:

Parent Autism Support:

This was a game changer for me. Before I found a autism mom support group, I felt like I was truly alone. My husband was on his own journey and did not like to talk about autism the way I did. I needed to talk with other mom’s about their experiences, what they did, and what worked and didn’t work for them.

Dentist and Bio-medical Doctors

Activities and Summer Camps:

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