Parent Self-Care by: Danielle Noriega, Occupational Therapist

Self-care for parents and caregivers is important. We are reminded of it often, but if you’re like many of us, our next question is:

“Where do I even begin?!”

Not to worry! We’re here to help guide you through.

In searching for images to define “self-care”, we came across bubble baths, yoga mats, and candles. Those may help, but the reality is self-care looks different for everyone.

Reading a book during a bubble bath might help one person, but another person’s version of self-care would rather be a cold shower and a nap.

There’s no right or wrong here. That’s the best part! Listen to your gut and go with the flow to figure out what your body needs to recharge at this moment.

Still feeling a little uncertain? No problem! That’s part of the process.

Try this: Target one of your senses at a time.

Take “vision”, for example. Right now, would you prefer to be in a dimly lit room, or have the lights off, or have a lot of sunlight?

Pause before you keep reading. Really think about that question.

If you would prefer to be in a dimly lit room, try adjusting the brightness on your screen so it’ll be easier on your eyes as you read this.

If you prefer to have the lights off, close your eyes for 10 seconds to give your eyes a quick break.

If you prefer to have a lot of sunlight, put this screen down for a moment and go outside for at least 1 minute.

We’ll meet you back here when you’re ready. ------

Welcome back! You’ve officially practiced self-care today. It can be that simple & that incorporated in your day. As you start figuring out what works for you in this moment, it’ll get easier to think of more involved self-care strategies. The first step is being aware, and that you’ve already done! Great job! It definitely pays off over time. Stay tuned for more tips & tricks for practicing self-care!

Take a step toward self-care by joining other parents in in our weekly support groups online which include live mindfulness, meditation and stress-relief practices as well as great conversation. Email to join!

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